Painter / Sculptor

From 2016 Spectrum Indian Wells Art Show

New wood sculptures


​"Hand of Buddah" 49" X 20" Walnut, Poplar, Oak and Redwood

First year for this show. Traffic was slow but quality of attendees was good

The Gallery 57 PROJECTS booth was really jumping, we were overwhelmed by the crowds.

"Miss Mahogany" 65" X 24" Mahogany, Steel and Leather

From  2016 L.A.ART SHOW

"Hand of Buddha-Reclaimed" 69" X 25"

   Reclaimed lumber over 200 yrs. old

"Forked Tongue" 56" X 6" Hickory

"Totem" 78" X 12" Oak, Cedar, Hickory, Walnut and Steel